Grace Community Church

God’s Will Done God’s Way!

Given on August 19, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 17
Sermon Series: Beginnings

It has been thirteen years since Abraham and Sarah tried to make God’s will happen in their own way (Ch.
16). Why do you think the Lord waited so long to communicate again with Abram? How does Abram’s
response here compare to his response when God affirmed the covenant in Chapter 15? How has Abram
matured in faith? See Hebrews 11:11ff How has your faith changed through the years?

Twice in this chapter Abram falls “facedown” before God Almighty (vv. 3,17). Do you tend to view God
more as awesome and intimidating or accepting and approachable? What are the consequences when we
fail to grasp both the majesty and the gracious accessibility of our Lord?
Who takes responsibility for fulfilling the covenant in this chapter? What is Abraham called to do as a sign
of this covenant? What “flesh” has God asked you to cut away in order to “walk before Him and be
blameless”? How valid does our excuse of “it’s just too painful,” appear in light of what Abraham was
called to do? How long did it take for Abraham to obey?
How would your life change right now if you were to start “walking before God in a blameless manner”?
If you are a believer and you are not walking with God in this way, when are you planning on starting? Is
it ever too late to make that change?