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Welcome from the Pastor

If you’re new to Grace Community Church, or just visiting our website, please know you’re very welcome here. Our hope for Grace Community Church is to build a community that welcomes people from all walks of life and a place that everyone can call home. We meet every Sunday for worship and teaching at 10:45 with Adult and Children’s classes from 9:30-10:30. During the week, various groups meet in homes to foster community and encourage one another to wholeheartedly pursue our relationship with God.

From the Pastor's Pen

It seems to come so naturally for most children who have their basic needs met – a joyful enthusiastic attitude toward life.  Smiles a mile wide at the mere prospect of an ice cream cone, screams of delight at the sight of a friend coming over to “play”, a secure and confident trust that leads to almost instantaneous sleep in the arms of a mother or father – all of these are simply normal reactions to life for a child who is loved and secure.  Unfortunately, as the years pass and the reality of the brokenness of our world, our own lives, and the lives of others increases, our joy seems to erode away like a sandcastle on a beach slowly being washed away by the encroaching tide of life.  When that tide hits, many of us embrace a cynical pessimism towards life and attempt to substitute momentary “adult” pleasures of many kinds (generally some form of the “big three” – money, sex and power) for the heartfelt joy we may have experienced as a child but which now seems as scarce as snow blowers in the Bahamas.

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