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Sunday School: 9:30 AM, Worship Service: 10:45 AM

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Calming Our Conscience

If you have trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, have you ever been in a place where you doubted if you really were a Christian or that God could really love someone like you? What brought you to that place? What enabled you to move beyond those whispers (or shouts) of condemnation from your own mind/heart? How does the fact that God is "greater than our hearts" and "knows everything" provide reassurance to a believer who is wrestling with his/her own condemning heart? Do you think the oft-heard advice, "Listen to your heart," is good counsel? Why or why…

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Welcome From the Pastor

We are a growing body of believers committed to understanding and applying the principles found in God’s Word, the Bible. By God’s grace, we seek to develop an environment that fosters spiritual growth, authentic loving relationships, joyful reverence in worship, and genuine concern for the spiritually lost in the greater Pensacola area and around the world. Come and grow in grace with us! We are located on Olive Road, west of the intersection of Olive and Davis.

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