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Am I Noble Minded?

What role should the intellect and reason play when we are seeking to share the Gospel with those who do not yet believe? What role should our mind play once we have trusted Jesus Christ? Practically, what is involved in loving God with "all our mind"? Evangelicals are often accused of being "anti-intellectual" – do you think this is a valid criticism? In this section, Paul is said to "reason", "explain", "prove" as he proclaims Jesus Christ and his Gospel to the people of Thessalonica and Berea. In turn, some of the people are "persuaded" and others "examine the Scriptures"

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Welcome From the Pastor

We are a growing body of believers committed to understanding and applying the principles found in God’s Word, the Bible. By God’s grace, we seek to develop an environment that fosters spiritual growth, authentic loving relationships, joyful reverence in worship, and genuine concern for the spiritually lost in the greater Pensacola area and around the world. Come and grow in grace with us! We are located on Olive Road, west of the intersection of Olive and Davis.

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