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Sunday School: 9:30 AM, Worship Service: 10:45 AM

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Forsaken to Save

According to the apostle Peter, King David was also a prophet (Acts 2:31). Why is this important to realize when we read Psalm 22? How do you think a Jewish Bible student in100BC would have understood this Psalm? How should this impact our humility when we attempt to figure out current prophetic passages? Since Jesus quoted this Psalm during the most agonizing time in his life, what can we learn about his suffering, his relationship with his Father, and his love for us from this Psalm? As you ponder the events of Easter week, what aspects of Jesus' passion impact…

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Welcome From the Pastor

We are a growing body of believers committed to understanding and applying the principles found in God’s Word, the Bible. By God’s grace, we seek to develop an environment that fosters spiritual growth, authentic loving relationships, joyful reverence in worship, and genuine concern for the spiritually lost in the greater Pensacola area and around the world. Come and grow in grace with us! We are located on Olive Road, west of the intersection of Olive and Davis.

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