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The Gospel Controversy

What distortions of the Gospel do you see among churches today? What are some requirements, in addition to faith, that certain churches or individuals think are necessary in order for us to be saved and accepted by God? Personally, are there any requirements you are adding to simple faith in order to feel accepted by God? When are differing beliefs among Christians to be tolerated and when are they to be confronted? (See also Gal 1:6-9; Jude 3; Romans 13-14) The Jerusalem Council has long since passed but what principles can we glean from how they approached this controversy that…

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Welcome From the Pastor

We are a growing body of believers committed to understanding and applying the principles found in God’s Word, the Bible. By God’s grace, we seek to develop an environment that fosters spiritual growth, authentic loving relationships, joyful reverence in worship, and genuine concern for the spiritually lost in the greater Pensacola area and around the world. Come and grow in grace with us! We are located on Olive Road, west of the intersection of Olive and Davis.

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