Grace Community Church

Trusting God When Life Gets Harder Not Better

Given on July 19, 2020 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Exodus 5&6
Sermon Series: Freedom to Worship

How do you typically respond when you are seeking to obey God and life gets harder and more challenging? What does your reaction tell you about your relationship with Jesus?
In the midst of Moses’ discouragement and complaint, what does God remind him of in Chapter 6? How can really knowing God help us when the road gets rough? As you think about your life and the Scriptures, what reminds you of God’s faithfulness, his power and his caring love? What can you do to press in to knowing God more intimately?
This is the first major passage that deals with “redemption”. What do we learn about the concept of redemption from the story? How do those ideas apply to our story of redemption? (e.g. to whom or what were you enslaved?) What do we lose if we only think about what God has redeemed us from and fail to remember what he has redeemed us for?