Grace Community Church

Successful Failure

Given on March 3, 2019
Scripture: Genesis 35
Sermon Series: Beginnings

Sometimes it takes the harsh consequences of our poor choices to open our ears to the voice of the Lord. How do you think Jacob was feeling after the events of Chapter 34? How has God used failures in your own life to draw you to himself? How did God respond to Jacob despite his halfhearted obedience and his failures as a father?

Spiritual renewal often begins with “cleaning house”. Jacob purged his household of the idolatry that he had previously tolerated. Are there any “idols” in your life that need to be buried before you can return to a place of intimacy with Jesus?

When Jacob returns to Bethel, how does the Lord respond to him? One of the lies of the Father of Lies is that our failures are final and God will never accept us and bless us again. What does this encounter at Bethel show us about the heart of God towards those who return to Him?

Jacob/Israel responds to the gracious mercy of the Lord by worshiping Him (v. 14) and being fully obedient (he finally went home to his father – v. 27). These two responses are wonderful evidence of a spiritually renewed heart….are they evident in you life???