Grace Community Church

Overcoming Faith

Given on April 19, 2020 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: 1 John 5:1-5
Sermon Series: Confident Christianity

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Here is a suggested order of worship to accompany this message:

Open with Prayer

Scripture Reading: II Corinthians 4:7-18

Some Suggested Songs of Adoration and Praise:

More than Conquerors.

In Christ Alone

Good Good Father.

Heart Won’t Stop.

Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me.

Points to Ponder:
When you think about an “overcoming” Christian, what mental image comes to mind? If, as the Apostle John tells us here, all genuine believers have already overcome the world (those living under persecution, in poverty, with illness as well as those who are healthy and materially successful), what does that tell us about what it actually means to be an “overcomer”? See I John 4:4&5; 5:4&5 also Romans 8:35-39 and II Cor. 4:7-12

Previously in this letter, John has told us that we can know our love for God is genuine if we love our brothers and sisters (2:7-11; 3:11-18; 4:20&21). However, here he tells us that we can know our love for our brothers and sisters is genuine if we love God and obey his Word. What do you think John is trying to get us to grasp? Is it possible to love someone if we do not love God? Why or why not?

John tells us that God’s commandments are not “burdensome”. Do you typically feel that way? If you feel that the way of Jesus is mere drudgery and difficult discipline, what do you think is going on since Jesus told us that his yoke is easy and his burden is light? Mt 11:28-30

In day to day life, what does it look like when we “believe” that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God (vv, 1,5)? How can understanding that we are already securely loved members of God’s family and royal citizens of his Kingdom help us overcome the worldly longings for pleasure, possessions and power?