Grace Community Church

No More Tears!

Given on May 6, 2012 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Revelation 21
NOTE: Audio for this sermon is not currently available.
Sermon Series: The Final Chapter

What comes to mind when you think of heaven or eternity? How does our culture’s portrayal of heaven compare with the description given here in Revelation 21-22? Why do you think Satan would inspire the beast to slander heaven (his dwelling place or tabernacle – Rev. 13:6)? Is it possible to value and anticipate something that you know little about or even may view as a bit boring?

Our eternal state is often conceptualized in a very ethereal and non-physical way (e.g. hanging out on clouds playing harps). How does the picture of a “new heaven and a new earth” and the image of a city coming down out of heaven to be on the new earth impact that “other-worldly” view?

What does the image of a “city” communicate about our eternal dwelling place? What does the presence of a “new earth” tell us about our everlasting abode? How should we interpret passages that state that God will “restore” and “renew” everything? Mt. 19:27-28; Acts 3:21

John Eldredge states, “We can only hope for what we desire.” Randy Alcorn states, “We can only desire what we can imagine.” If these statements are true, then it challenges us as believers to spend some time, guided by Scripture- not culture, pondering and imagining the incredible eternal place our Savior is preparing for us!