Grace Community Church

Dr. Luke’s Final Words

Given on November 19, 2017 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Acts 28:30-31

The church can be involved in a multitude of activities, but what do you think is the primary mission of the body of Christ in the world? Do you see this reflected in the book of Acts? What is involved in “proclaiming the kingdom of God”? How is that related to proclaiming the message of salvation?

In order to be an effective witness, we need to be willing to “welcome” all types of people. What are some of the characteristics of people who make you feel “at home” in their presence? Do you make people feel comfortable around you? How do we go about being a “friend to sinners” while still being committed to the truths of God’s kingdom? Do we need to draw boundaries and if so, where?

Paul used his own resources to rent this home where he received all who wanted to come and talk with him. In what ways are you using your resources to welcome those who may be interested in the Good News?

Most of us are not nearly as “bold” as we would like to be in speaking up for Jesus and his kingdom. What truths do we really need to embrace if we are going to be more willing to proclaim the kingdom? What truth you think Dr. Luke is trying to get across when he closes Acts by telling us that Paul, who was chained to a Roman guard 24/7 at this point, proclaimed the kingdom “without hindrance”?