Grace Community Church

Blinded by False Expectations

Given on October 16, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 12:15-37

Have you ever wound up in a difficult place (in a relationship, in your job, in parenting, etc) because your expectations did not line up at all with actual reality? What happens when our expectations clash with reality? How do you respond emotionally at those times?
The majority of Jews in Jesus’ time were expecting a Messiah who was a powerful political and military leader who would restore Israel to her former glory. How does the description of the servant in this passage from the prophet Isaiah clash with these messianic expectations?
In what ways have your expectations of what Jesus should do and how he should be involved in your life compared with how Jesus has actually been working in your life? How do you respond when Jesus does not meet your expectations?
What do you think caused the Pharisees to be so opposed to Jesus that they attributed the freeing and healing work of the Holy Spirit operating through Jesus to Satan? What do you think it is about this sin that makes it unpardonable?