Grace Community Church

Wrestling Over Rest

Given on October 9, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 12:1-14

“Religion has a way of turning God given blessings into burdens!” How had the Sabbath (a day originally given to humans for communion with God, rest and refreshment) become a burdensome, guilt inducing religious ritual by the time of Jesus? Are there any Christian practices in your life that have morphed from being a blessing to becoming a guilt producing burden (e.g. prayer, fellowship, Scripture reading/study, sharing your faith, etc)? If so, what do you think caused the change?
How should we go about processing the criticism of another Christian who claims that we are doing ________ all wrong or our biblical understanding and application of __________ is incorrect? What does Jesus appeal to in his defense of his disciples and himself in this section?
Are you quicker to show mercy or express condemnation when you think someone is thinking or doing something wrong? Where in the church and in our culture today do you think we need to do a better job of reflecting the merciful love of the Father to others?
What do you think caused the Pharisees to begin planning Jesus’ death after these interactions about the Sabbath? Do you think they believed that they were doing what was right? What do you think kept them from acknowledging who Jesus really was?