Wedding Worship

This passage begins and ends with a command to praise and worship God (Rev. 19:5-10). Why do you think the Lord requires us to worship Him? If a human being were to demand praise we would view them as egotistical, why is this not the case with the God of the universe?

It has been said that we all worship someone or something. Do you agree with this statement? How can we determine who or what we are actually worshipping in our lives? What are some of our culture’s favorite objects of worship? Personally, what is the object of your greatest praise and worship?

How do the believers express their worship in this passage? Is worship more than what takes place when believers gather together to praise God? How do we know if a particular action is “worship”? See Rom 12:1-2; I Cor. 10:31

Why do you think the Lord uses marriage and a wedding feast as a symbol of our joining him in heaven? What truths about our eternal relationship with Him is he attempting to communicate? See also II Cor. 11:2-3

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