Grace Community Church

Understanding Our Place in Grace

Given on May 12, 2019 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 50:12-21
Sermon Series: Beginnings

From a human perspective, Joseph had every reason and right to exact vengeance upon his brothers. According to the text, what kept Joseph from “making his brothers pay”?

As you think about your life and relationships, are there any areas in which your attitudes or actions indicate that you have put yourself “in the place of God”? Why do you think God’s Word is so clear about leaving judgment and vengeance solely in God’s hands? Romans 12:14-20
Through walking with God through the ups and downs of life, Joseph had realized that God’s amazing sovereignty cannot be thwarted even by the truly evil and malicious actions of other people. God will ultimately overcome all evil with good. How do you think really believing this would impact your attitudes and responses to the varied circumstances of your life?

Despite Joseph’s kind treatment of his brothers, they still feared his wrath (50:15). Why do you think this caused Joseph to break down and weep? If Joseph is a type or picture of Jesus, how do you think the Lord reacts when we don’t trust in his love, fear his wrath, and keep our distance from him because we think he’s still angry with us? If you find yourself still trying to earn God’s love even after he has clearly promised that you are forgiven and accepted by faith, ask the Lord to reassure you with a Spirit given deeper understanding of his amazing love for you (Eph. 3:14-21)