Grace Community Church

The Scandalous Forgiveness of Jesus

Given on July 24, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 9:1-8

What obstacles and challenges do you imagine a paralytic in the first century faced on a daily basis? How do you think a chronic disability or illness impacts a person’s relationship with God? How can we be like this paralytic’s friends to those who suffer from ongoing sicknesses or physical limitations today?
Why do you think that Jesus first addressed this man’s need for forgiveness? Should we assume that a person’s physical sickness is the result of a personal sin? What reason(s) do the Scriptures give for the presence of sickness is someone’s life? Nu 12:10; II Chron 26:19; I Cor 11:30; Job 1; John 9:1-3; Psa 32:3. In what ways can it be “good” for us to be “afflicted” Psa 119:71
How does our culture tend to define faith? Jesus “saw” these men’s faith! In what ways is your faith “visible”? Is it possible to have an “unseen” faith?
Why were the Scribes angered by Jesus’ grant of forgiveness? What claim is Jesus making about himself? For what purposes does Jesus use his authority in this section of Matthew (over the storm, over evil and over sin)? How can this be an encouragement to us?