Grace Community Church

The Satisfied Sojourner

Given on May 5, 2019 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 47:7 – 48:22
Sermon Series: Beginnings

Jacob refers to his life as a “sojourn/pilgrimage” in 47:9. How is the mentality of a sojourner different from that of a citizen? How does that attitude impact your values, goals, priorities? Why do you think Jacob insisted on being buried in Canaan instead
of entombed in glory in Egypt? Would you say your attitude toward life here on earth is most similar to a sojourner or citizen?

Jacob refers to the days of his life as “few and evil/difficult” (47:9), yet he recognized that the Lord had been his shepherd all the days of his life (48:15). What does that tell us about our journey with the Lord? How has God used even the difficulties of life to “shepherd” you?

Jacob blesses Pharaoh (see Gen. 12:1-3) as well as Jacob and Jacob’s sons in this section. How can we practically “bless” those around us today? In our “culture wars” society, would the unbelievers you interact with view you as someone who seeks to bless them? If not, why not?
Throughout his life, Jacob had his faith struggles and wrestled with his sinful nature and God as well (literally!), yet he finishes well. Based on his blessing in 48:15&16, what had he come to understand about God after 147 years? As you look back on Jacob’s life, his mistakes as well as his successes, what does it show you about God’s dealings with those He loves?