Grace Community Church

The King Is Here!

Given on September 12, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 3:1-17

Matthew lets us know that eccentric John the Baptist was the one predicted by the prophets to prepare the people for Jesus’ arrival. How did he go about fulfilling that calling? In our current cultural climate, calls to repentance and warnings of impending judgment are almost immediately dismissed as archaic and insensitive. As believers are we called to echo John’s voice in our world? What can we do to help people “change their minds” about Jesus today?
What do you think John’s listeners envisioned when they heard, “The Kingdom of Heaven has come near”? Do you think Jesus met their expectations? When you think about the sovereign rule and reign of an all powerful and loving God, what do you envision life should be like? Has King Jesus met your expectations?
Why do you think Jesus insisted, despite John’s push back, on being baptized? Did he need to repent or confess sins? How does Jesus’ one act lead to fulfilling ALL righteousness? What do you think Jesus was referring to?
How do you think the Father’s words would have been an encouragement to Jesus as he was about to begin his public ministry? If you are a child of God, do you have a sense that you are deeply loved and pleasing to your heavenly Father independent of how you are seeking to serve him and others?