Grace Community Church

The Joy of Being Real with the Real God

Given on October 27, 2019 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: 1 John 1:5-10
Sermon Series: Confident Christianity

A.W. Tozer has said that how a person views God is the single most important issue in their life. How would you describe God? Where do you think your view of God primarily comes from? According to John, one way to view God is pure light. How do you react to this image? How does knowing that every aspect of your life is exposed by God’s light impact your desire to have a relationship with him?
In most human relationships we attempt to cover our faults and hide them away. According to John, what happens when we approach God in this same manner? How do we typically attempt to deal with our misdeeds and failures? What makes us hesitant to confess our sins to God and to our brothers and sisters? When you sin do you run to Jesus or away from Jesus?
“The deeper one’s understanding of the absolute perfection and holiness of God and of one’s own wretched sinful self-absorption, the greater one’s ultimate joy will be in the Gospel.” Do you agree with this quote? Is your relationship with God characterized by a deep sense of profound joy due to his amazingly merciful love and kindness despite who you are?