Grace Community Church

The Humbling Call of God

Given on June 28, 2020 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Exodus 3:1-12
Sermon Series: Freedom to Worship

After experiencing a life of privilege, prominence and pleasure in Egypt for 40 years, God put Moses in the wilderness of Midian for 40 years shepherding his father-in-law’s flocks. How do you think that impacted him psychologically, emotionally and spiritually? What do you think a time like that would do to someone’s self-image? Why do you think God waited so long to communicate with his prophet and deliverer?

What do you think of the statement, “God rarely uses someone greatly unless he first wounds them deeply!”? How can this actually be an encouragement when we are going through tough times and are hurting or when we feel like life is so routine and insignificant? See II Cor. 1:3-7

Why do you think the comment, “I like to think of God as ________” is so common in our culture? What aspects of relating to God as he reveals himself to be in Scripture are uncomfortable for you? Do you think we are always supposed to feel comfortable with God?

Why do you think Moses struggled with the thought of being Israel’s deliverer? Are you currently struggling with what you sense God calling you to do? How did God seek to reassure Moses? If you really believed God was with you in everything, how would that change your attitudes towards what he is asking you to do?