Grace Community Church

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Given on September 26, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 4:12-25

If you could design an ideal human society, what would that look like? In recent history, how have human beings’ attempts to create utopian societies worked out? From what you know of
the Old Testament, what did first century Jewish expectations for an ideal society (aka the Kingdom of God) look like? Did Jesus’ Kingdom of God meet those expectations?
How would you define the “gospel”? Did Jesus proclaim that gospel when he was traveling and teaching throughout Galilee before his death and resurrection? What do you think Matthew means when he states that Jesus proclaimed the “gospel of the kingdom”?
As you look at this passage, what seems to be King Jesus’ method of bringing his reign to his world? It is very likely that all four of the brothers that Jesus calls in this text had encountered
him in significant ways prior to his calling them be his disciples. Where do you stand in your relationship with Jesus? Has He ever challenged you to turn over control of your life and submit to following him? What fears pop up when we think of giving over complete control of our lives to Jesus?