Grace Community Church

The Genesis of Jesus

Given on August 15, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 1

Most of us skip quickly over genealogies when they appear in Scripture. Why do you think Matthew began his Gospel with one entitled: “Book of Genesis of Jesus Christ”? Why do you think Matthew included four women in his genealogy?
We are so familiar with the Christmas story that its shock value doesn’t impact us any longer. How do you think Joseph was impacted when Mary told him she was pregnant by the Holy
Spirit? How would you feel as a teenager getting news from an angel that your fiancé was pregnant with a child who would save your people from their sins? How do you think his friends in Nazareth reacted when he told them the story?
What do you think the Jews were expecting when the Messiah- “great David’s greater son” – arrived on the scene? What would they have viewed as their primary obstacles to a better life? What do we tend to see as our greatest needs – issues outside of us in culture or issues in our own hearts?