Grace Community Church

The Foundation of Forgiveness

Given on June 20, 2010 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 27:45-51
NOTE: Audio for this sermon is not currently available.
Sermon Series:

On what basis do most people build their hope that they will be accepted and loved by God? How can someone know if they have done enough “good” to merit God’s favor?

If someone asked you to explain the Gospel, what would you say? How does good “news” differ from good “advice”? Do you think it is significant that the heart of Christianity is called the “good news”?

Buddah’s last words were reported to be, “Strive without ceasing!” Jesus’ last words were, “It is finished!” In what sense do these final words capture the essence of “religion” and the essence of the Gospel? Are you striving or resting?

Why was the cross necessary? Why didn’t God simply decide to forgive us without going through the agony of the cross?