Grace Community Church

THE City of Light!

Given on May 13, 2012 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Revelation 21:9
NOTE: Audio for this sermon is not currently available.
Sermon Series: The Final Chapter

What comes to mind when you think of a bride and groom? Why do you think God pictures our eternal relationship with him using a matrimonial image? What does this tell us about the intimacy we will experience with Jesus in eternity?
See Eph. 5:31-33; II Cor. 11:2

As is typical in Revelation, the metaphors get mixed and the bride we anticipated seeing (v.9) actually turns out to be a city of great brilliance and glory (v. 10)! What aspects of city life draw people to live there? What do you think the Lord wants to communicate to us about eternity through this vision of a city?

Experiencing “community” is a big part of city life. Do you tend to view eternity in a more individualistic or corporate way? Which view is most accurate according to this passage?

What is unique about this city? What is “missing” in this city? In this vision, the city is a perfect cube. Where else in Scripture do we find a perfect cube? ( Hint – it is part of the Tabernacle) What does this tell us about our relationship with God in this city?

What aspects of eternal “city life” are you most anticipating?