Grace Community Church

The Brightest Child!

Given on December 8, 2019 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-7
Sermon Series: Confident Christianity

As you observe our culture and the lives of many people, do you think it is accurate to say that many are “walking in darkness”? Why or why not?

What about God’s character and work seems paradoxical to you…especially as you look at the events surrounding the first advent? God’s greatest works often seem small and inauspicious at the start. Why do you think God often uses what appears to be weak and insignificant to accomplish his work? How can this be an encouragement to so many of us who feel so “ordinary”?

As you look at the four “names” that Isaiah gives to this Son who is given to us, which of those descriptions is most amazing to you? What does this verse tell us about the nature and character of Jesus?

We who are believers in Jesus Christ are now his body – his Spirit resides in each of us who have placed our trust in this Son given to us. In what practical ways can you “incarnate” the love and character of Christ to those who surround you this Christmas season? Do you know someone who needs the wisdom and guidance of the Wonderful Counselor? The touch of the Mighty God? The love and security of the Everlasting Father? The contentment and calm of the Prince of Peace? Ask Jesus to live his life through you for others this Advent season.