Grace Community Church

Spiritual Wilderness Survival

Given on September 27, 2020 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Exodus 16:1-17:7; John 6; I Cor. 10
Sermon Series: Freedom to Worship

Do you think Christians should be rather stoic during the tough wilderness times (and hurricane times) of life? Does complaining evidence a lack of faith? Why or why not?
How have you experienced Jesus being enough for you during trying times in your past? As you evaluate your current situation, what parts of your life do you need to apply this experience to now? (Hint: Ponder what things you are complaining about.)
Do you think it is possible to survive (and even thrive) in the wilderness times of life without a solid hope that our ultimate destination will be awesome? Why do you think Paul would say that if we only have hope in Christ for this life then we of all people are most to be pitied? I Cor. 15:19
In the New Testament, Jesus claims to be the “bread of life” and Paul states that Jesus is the Rock that was struck by Moses in the wilderness. John 6:35&36; I Cor. 10:4. How do we practically go about allowing Jesus to satisfy our spiritual hunger and thirst? Though God provided the manna, the people needed to put forth effort to gather and prepare it. What efforts may Jesus be asking you to make in order to satisfy your hunger and thirst in him?