Grace Community Church

Sign Me Up!?

Given on October 23, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 12:38-50

Have you ever encountered someone who said they would believe if only God would prove he existed in some way? Have you ever wanted Jesus to “prove” himself to you or someone you love by doing something supernatural or extraordinary? Did he comply with your request?
How do you react to the scribes’ and pharisees’ request that Jesus show them a sign? Legitimate? Illegitimate? Why do you think Jesus responded so harshly to them? Do you think there is anything that Jesus could have done to authenticate who he was to their satisfaction? How had they responded to the signs Jesus had already performed?
What role do you think evidence should play in our trust of Jesus Christ? Is faith just a “leap in the dark’? Jesus points out his impending death and resurrection as the one “sign” that would be given to the scribes and pharisees and Paul points out that our trust is worthless unless Jesus was raised from the dead (I Cor. 15). What evidence would you share with an unbeliever who doubted the historical reality of the resurrection?
Why do you think Matthew included Jesus’ story of the man freed from one demon only to be repossessed by seven at this point in the story? According to Jesus, what is the evidence of our being part of his family? Is there a difference between doing the “will of the Father” and trusting and obeying Jesus? See John 6:28&29