Scripture and Science

How do you understand the relationship between science and the Scriptures? When there appears to be a contradiction, how do you attempt to resolve it? How has modern science impacted your trust in the Scriptures?
Given the reality that the biblical authors lived in a pre-scientific world with a less than accurate understanding (according to our current 21 st century science), what expectations should we have of the texts they write? Does God correct their science before he inspires their writing?
Since our scientific understanding of God’s created universe is constantly developing (e.g. geocentric to heliocentric view of our solar system; Newtonian physics to quantum physics; steady-state to big bang etc.), could God imbed scientific understanding in the Scriptures without it either becoming dated or being so advanced that it would be incomprehensible to the readers?
How do you view those who have a different understanding of how God created the universe (young earth v. old earth; theistic evolution vs special creation; appearance of age v. actual age). Can you honestly say that you are loving and gracious towards them?