Grace Community Church

Responding to the Real Jesus of Matthew 5-9

Given on August 21, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 9:35&36

Matthew marks off chapters 5 -9 as a unit by almost verbatim repeating himself (cf. 4:23 and 9:35). He concisely lets us know what Jesus taught (chapters 5-7) and how Jesus brought healing to the people (chapters 8&9). The “crowds” were amazed by his teaching (7:28) and by his healing (9:33). What aspects of his teaching and healing do think so astounded them?
As you look back over this section, what parts of Jesus’ teaching and healing do you find “amazing”? What do you find difficult to accept?
How would you describe the “gospel of the kingdom”? How do you think the gospel Jesus proclaimed compares to what we typically consider the “gospel” in our culture? How can Jesus proclaim the gospel to people before his death and resurrection?
Some people in this section of Scripture were amazed, some trusted Jesus enough to bring their hopeless conditions to him, and some were appalled at his teaching and attributed his gracious healing to the work of the Evil One. Which of these responses most closely resembles your own? How can we tell when our (or someone else’s) amazement with Jesus actually becomes trust in Jesus?