Grace Community Church

Our God of Second Chances

Given on May 23, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Exodus 34:9-35
Sermon Series: Freedom to Worship

The Israelites stumbled badly almost immediately after twice agreeing to do everything the Lord asked them to do (Ex. 24:3,7), yet the Lord graciously renewed his covenant relationship with them in this section of Scripture. What was Moses’ role in this renewal? How is he a picture of the ultimate Mediator who was yet to come? Does knowing that God is the God of second (and third and fourth etc.) chances cause you to be less vigilant in battling sinful tendencies in your life? Why or why not?
God describes himself as “jealous” in verse 14 – how does that strike you? In our regular conversations, jealousy is almost always viewed negatively. Do you see any redeeming aspects of jealousy? What does this description tell us about the heart of God for his people?
Something to consider: this Hebrew word is only used of God never of humans in the OT. The renewal of the covenant here only includes a selective list of laws that primarily deal with how Israel is to worship God. Why do you think that is? How do you think right worship of God is related to living rightly in other areas of our lives?
What does the text tell us caused Moses’ radiant face? How can we see the glory of God today and enter into a “speaking” relationship with Him? (See II Cor. 3:16-18; 4:6) Have you ever encountered the “glory” of God reflected in the life of another believer?