Millennium of Peace

The Old Testament, in several places (Isa. 11; Isa. 65; Zech 14), indicates there will be a coming “golden age” on the earth where many, but not all, of the ravages of sin will be eliminated. This passage also speaks of a time that is clearly not yet our eternal state (Rev. 21-22) but is very different from our current earthly experience. What do you think is God’s purpose could be in ushering in this type of earthly kingdom?

Some serious Bible students believe we are in this “millennium” right now and have been since the death and resurrection of Jesus? What do you think of this view? Do you think the text of Rev. 20 supports this interpretation? Why or why not?

This chapter indicates that our Lord will ultimately be victorious over all opposition and even destroy death itself – our final enemy! What problems, challenges, sins, or evils are you most looking forward to seeing eliminated? Thank God that one day you will experience this reality if you know Him!

How do verses 11-15 impact the belief that physical death is the end of consciousness or a merely a pathway to reincarnation? How do you react to the idea that God will judge all people based on what they have done?

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