Grace Community Church

Loving ‘til the End

Given on April 5, 2020 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: John 13:1-17
Sermon Series: Complete in Christ

“Once again, we are worshipping digitally with our brothers and sisters due to the COVID19 virus.  Here is a suggested outline for your “safer-at-home” service.  We love y’all and are anticipating with joy the time when we can once again meet face-to-face!

Opening Prayer:  That our Father would open our ears and hearts to his voice

Opening Scripture Reading:  Luke 19:28-44

Some Suggested Songs of Praise:

How Can I Keep from Singing:

Revelation Song


His Mercy Is More:

The Power of the Cross:  “


My freedom, my rights, my fulfillment, my concerns, my TP: we are a people often obsessed with ourselves. As you honestly think about your response to the COVID19 pandemic, would you say it has made you more self-centered or other-centered? (Be honest!) As you ponder the events of Easter week, how did our Lord’s impending crisis of suffering impact his relationships with others? How does his response to crisis challenge your focus?

It is obvious that Jesus’ disciples were still viewing leadership and power from a very human perspective as they argued about who was the “greatest” in Luke 22:24. What is it about us that drives us to attempt to prove we are better than others? What was it about Jesus (the only one ever who was clearly greater than everyone else!) that enabled him to sacrificially serve even someone who was about to betray him? See v. 3 How can a deep understanding that our acceptance with God is not based on our performance but on Jesus’ loving work on the cross and that our eternal future is completely secure help us to get out of ourselves and really love others?

How can we practically apply Jesus’ call to follow his example and “do just as he had done” in washing the disciples’ feet? Do you think this is a religious ritual to be followed or an internal attitude to be put into practice? Why? In what ways can you humbly serve your brothers and sisters in the midst of our “safe-at-home” quarantine? Be blessed by doing it (v.17)!

The COVID19 crisis has provided many of us with an unexpected gift of extra time. I want to encourage you this Easter week to turn off Netflix and your social media and wisely use some of that surplus time to read through the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ last week. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlarge your appreciation of Jesus amazing love and to make you an agent of that love in our hurting and fearful world.