Love – Making the Invisible Visible

How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting your relationship with God and how you feel about his love and concern for you? What does John tell us “manifests” the reality of God’s love to us in our very broken world? How can crisis times that clearly show the fragility of our lives actually be spiritually beneficial?
In addition to the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf, John tells us one of the other ways God’s invisible love becomes tangible to us is through the love of our brothers and sisters. In this time of social distancing and minimal face-to-face contact, how can we tangibly show the love of Christ to our brothers and sisters? Think creatively!
How is this crisis exposing some of the impotence of the idols of our culture? What do your fears tell you about who or what you are really trusting? How can we make visible the invisible God to those in our community who are being shaken by this pandemic and who do not yet know Jesus? In what practical ways can you love your neighbors at this time?