Grace Community Church

Knowing that You Know – Part I

Given on November 24, 2019
Scripture: 1 John 2:3-11
Sermon Series: Confident Christianity

How certain are you that you have a genuine relationship with God? Is it even possible to be certain? What indicators do you think mark the life of an authentic believer in Jesus Christ?

In I John 5:13, the author tells us that he has written this letter to enable believers to “know that you have eternal life.” Theologians term this: “assurance of salvation”. Do you think this is an important truth for modern believers? What practical benefits does certainty about our
relationship with God impart to our daily walk with God?

It is easy to claim we know God but, according to John, what is an indispensable indicator of the reality of a person’s relationship with God? What commands do you think John is referring to in verses 3&4? (See I John 3:23) Does this mean that genuine believers will live lives of
perfect obedience?

What is your attitude toward obedience to God? How do we square John’s statement about the vital role of obedience to God’s commands with Paul’s statement that our acceptance with God is not based on our works but on our trust in Jesus and his finished work on the cross?
Eph. 2:8&9