Grace Community Church

Jesus’ Trailer

Given on April 4, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Luke 9: 28-36
Sermon Series: Lifestyle For Life

Jesus once asked his followers, “Who do the crowds say that I am?” What views do people have of Jesus in our culture? He then got a bit more personal and asked them, “Who do you say that I am?” How would you answer that question today?
Many people have a “buffet” relationship with Jesus – they put some of the things he offers onto their spiritual plate (receiving forgiveness, peace, comfort, justice for the poor) but prefer leave off much of what he taught (about his identity, money, power, sexual ethics, extending forgiveness etc). What does this passage and the resurrection of Jesus tell us about this approach to Jesus?
In what ways is Jesus’ “exodus” that he “accomplished” in Jerusalem similar to the exodus of the Jews from Egypt? How does it differ? Why do you think God the Father interrupted Peter and spoke directly to the disciples about who Jesus was and how they should respond to him?
“Jesus should either mean everything or nothing!” Do you agree with this statement? Is it possible to be neutral about the Jesus presented in God’s Word? If you believe in the resurrection, are you actually living your life “listening” to the living Lord who was raised from the dead?