Grace Community Church

Impossible Calling?!

Given on December 5, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 5:38-48

What is your first reaction to reading over these instructions of Jesus? Impossible? Impractical and unworkable in our world? Way too hard for me to even begin to try to live out? Hopelessly unrealistic? A radically wonderful way to think about living?
Our culture is very much focused on making sure our “rights” are not violated and getting what we “deserve”. How does Jesus’ call in this section to live as citizens of his kingdom challenge these notions? How did Jesus view his “rights”? See Phil. 2
Do you think living in this way will make Christians into “doormats” to be taken advantage of by others – even our enemies? Do you think these commands are to be applied literally in every circumstance? Why or why not? Do you see an underlying principle behind these instructions?
Is it possible to live in obedience to these commands today? What can keep us from (a) letting their difficulty lead us to discouragement when we fail to be “perfect” or (b) seeing them as so unattainable that we don’t even attempt to apply them in our lives?