Grace Community Church

Humble Certainty

Given on May 3, 2020 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: 1 John 5:13-21
Sermon Series: Confident Christianity

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Open in Prayer

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 139

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Simple Gospel

Blessed Assurance

His Mercy Is More

Jesus Paid It All

Amazing Grace


How does our culture view people who claim to know the truth with certainty? Is it arrogant to claim to know that you have eternal life right now? Why or why not? Is agnosticism the only truly humble position to take when viewing the concept of truth?

If an outsider would observe your prayer life, what would she conclude about God and his character from how you pray, how often you pray, and the content of your prayers? How can viewing God as a perfectly loving father help us as we seek to communicate and connect with him – even when he doesn’t answer in the time or the way we desire?

How do you typically respond when you are aware of a fellow believer who is not living consistently with the teachings of Jesus? How does John suggest that we should respond in those situations? What do you think John is trying to get his readers to grasp when he lets them know that there is a sin that “does not lead to death”?

Though John assures believers that we are safe and secure in our relationship with Jesus, he also lets us know that the world in which we live and work is powerfully influenced by the evil one. Knowing you are protected by the Lord, what do you think God is asking you to do in order to bring a bit more of Jesus’ kingdom and influence into our broken world? What modern idols (things you look to for security and significance) do you find alluring? What steps can you take to keep yourself from following their siren song?