Grace Community Church

Got Ears?!

Given on October 30, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Message: Got Ears?! Text: Matthew 13:1-23

When you think about sharing the message of Jesus with someone else, what emotions come to the surface? Why do you think they arise? What has been your experience with sharing the Gospel in the past? What responses do you expect to get when you share Jesus’ message?
What reasons does Jesus give for teaching in parables at this point in his ministry? We typically want teachers to be clear and easily understood, yet here Jesus is intentionally making the truth a bit more obscure through using parables. What are the benefits of this teaching approach?
How do you respond when you encounter a teaching of Jesus that you find hard to understand and apply?
Which of the four soils do you think our culture most closely resembles? As you look at your own heart, are there any areas where you are in danger of becoming hardened to Jesus’ message; where you are becoming shallow and unwilling to side with Jesus because of the social cost; or where you find yourself overly focused on the concerns of life here and now and too consumed by the security and pleasures that money promises to deliver?
Remember, Jesus’ arms are always open to those ready to use their ears to listen to him!