Grace Community Church

God’s Self Portrait

Given on May 16, 2021
Scripture: Exodus 34:1-8
Sermon Series: Freedom to Worship

If you were asked to describe God’s character using six or seven adjectives, how would you respond? How does your description compare with God’s self-description in this passage? If they are different, why do you think that is?
As you look back over God’s dealings with his people, where do you see these seven attributes showing up in the life of the Israelites? As you think about these traits, how has God displayed them in your own life?
Our culture has no problem conceiving of God as being gracious, loving and forgiving yet we struggle greatly with the concept of God “not clearing the guilty”. Why do you think that is? How do you deal with the apparent tension between God’s gracious love and his justice?
For many of us, our image of God contains a lot of unnecessary and inaccurate clutter that we’ve picked up along the way. Spend some time really meditating on how God describes himself in this passage and ask him to remove all the extra debris that doesn’t accurately picture who he really is.