Grace Community Church

God’s Heart to Dwell with Us – Pt. 2

Given on April 11, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Exodus 28-30
Sermon Series: Freedom to Worship

Special priestly garments, anointing oil, bloody sacrifices, and smokey incense are not things we typically encounter in our world, yet we are called to relate to Jesus as our High Priest (Heb. 9:11). How does the description of the high priest’s wardrobe and his responsibilities in this passage illumine your understanding of Jesus’ love for you and work on your behalf?
Twice in this passage (Ex. 28:12,29), the high priest is said to “bear the names of the sons of Israel for remembrance before the Lord.” What does this tell us about the high priest’s role regarding God’s people? How can this be a comfort to us as we meditate on Jesus fulfilling this role on our behalf right now?
How can understanding that we have a “great high priest who ascended into heaven” be an encouragement to us to “hold firmly to the faith we profess” and to confidently draw near to his “throne of grace”? Heb. 414-16 For a greater appreciation of Jesus fulfillment of what is described in this section of Exodus, I’d encourage you to read through Hebrews 7-10.