Grace Community Church

God With Us

Given on December 12, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 1:19-25
Sermon Series: Advent 2021

If you were unfamiliar with the Christmas story and heard that the God who created the 93 billion light-years wide universe was suddenly “with” us in human form, what expectations would you have of this being? How does God’s actual entrance into space and time through the birth of Jesus compare to those expectations?
What do the circumstances of Jesus’ birth tell us about the character of God – especially considering his massive power and glory? What do they communicate about God’s attitude toward humans and the type of relationship he desires with us?
Is some broken circumstance in life (money problems, relationship difficulties, health challenges, etc.) making it difficult for you to experience the “with-ness” of God in your life right now? Spend some time pondering what the circumstances of the first Christmas tell us about what we can expect from God being with us in Christ right now and, if you can, spend some time sharing your struggle with a friend in Christ.
Since we are the “body of Christ”, we can all be instruments of God’s “with-ness” in the lives of others. Ask the Lord if there is anyone in your life who could use a sense of His presence through your presence with them this Christmas season.