Grace Community Church

Getting Into God Shape in 2021

Given on January 3, 2021 by Arianna Helvie
Scripture: Philippians 3:1-14; Romans 8:29
Sermon Series: Freedom to Worship

As 2020 recedes in the rearview mirror, what are you most looking forward to in this coming year and what is causing you the most anxiety? What do you anticipate exerting the most amount of effort to achieve in 2021? Honestly, how does “pressing on” to know Jesus more intimately and imitating him more closely impact your thinking and planning?
When you think about “pressing on” to know Jesus more intimately, what comes to mind? What spiritual exercises/disciplines/practices have you tried in the past in order to connect with Jesus more deeply? How have they worked out? What were your frustrations? What are some indicators that show we are growing in our relationship with Jesus?
“Without God, we can’t – Without us, He won’t” What do you think of this statement? Is knowing Jesus the result of the Holy Spirit’s work in our life or our effort and discipline? Ponder John 15:1-5 and II Peter 1:3-11.
Spend some time asking the Lord to show you if there are any changes he is wanting you to make in the coming year. Remember, the Holy Spirit is with you to enable you – you’re not alone!