Grace Community Church

Confident Trust or Blind Leap?

Given on October 20, 2019 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: 1 John 1:1-4
Sermon Series: Confident Christianity

We live in a cultural moment when confidently asserting that anything is actually true is viewed as hubris and a play for control. How do John’s assertions in this section compare with the hip agnosticism of our times? Do you think it is appropriate to speak with such confidence
In our world, “faith” is often viewed as a blind leap into the dark – disconnected from rationality and evidence. To our post-modern ears, the more unreasonable and illogical the object of one’s faith is the “stronger” that person’s faith must be. Based on what John proclaims in these verses, how do you think he would respond to this view of faith?
Who do you think Jesus is? Is it possible for us, living 2000 years after him, to have a settled and certain confidence that he is the eternal God revealed in real human flesh in first century Palestine? If yes, how do we get there?
John appears to have derived great joy (complete joy) through encouraging others to live authentically Jesus centered lives. How are you seeking to impact and encourage your brothers and sisters? As you think about that, is it a joyous or burdensome prospect?