Grace Community Church

Community as Temple and Priests: Making God’s Presence

Given on July 25, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: I Cor. 6:19; I Peter 2:4-10
Sermon Series: Called to Community

How would you respond to someone who asks where she can go to experience the presence of God? Where are people in our culture looking for a sense of the transcendent? Several cultural analysts are speaking about the death of “secular” culture and an increase in openness to “spiritual” or “transcendent” realities – do you agree with their assessment?
What was the purpose of the tabernacle/temple in the Old Testament? What function did it serve in the life of the Israelites? When both Paul and Peter state that the community of believers now fills the role of the temple, what truths do you think they are trying to get across with this analogy? How well do you think the church is “templing” today?
What functions does a good priest perform? How do you react to the fact that all genuine believers are called “priests” by the New Testament authors? As you ponder this responsibility, do you sense the Lord nudging you to make any changes?
“The priesthood of all believers is the most neglected doctrine of the reformation!” Do you agree with this statement? What dangers do you think come when this truth is neglected? How has a failure to apply this truth impacted the modern church? What can we as a church do to better live out this truth?