Grace Community Church

Community as Hospitality: The Power of an Open Home and Table

Given on August 8, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Luke 19:1-10; Romans 12:13; I Peter 4:9
Sermon Series: Called to Community

In the Gospels we see Jesus spending a lot of time eating and drinking with people (often the “wrong” kind of people) – so much so that he was accused of being a glutton and drunkard!
What do you think motivated Jesus to do this? What does sharing a meal with someone communicate to them – especially in Jesus’ culture?
What comes to mind when you think of “hospitality”? Does understanding that the Greek word literally means “love for strangers/outsiders” change your perception of what God is actually calling us to do when he commands us to “show hospitality”? Why do you think the Lord included this trait as one of the essential qualifications for church leadership? I Tim 3:2; Tit.1:8
It seems with each passing year our culture becomes more “post-Christian” and increasingly hostile to the truths of God’s word. How can practicing hospitality break down some of the barriers to sharing the love of Jesus?
Spend some time in prayer and ask the Lord to bring to mind someone you could invite for a meal or cup of coffee. Don’t go with an agenda but simply ask the Holy Spirit to help you show Christlike love to this person.