Grace Community Church

Come Up and Feast with God!

Given on March 7, 2021 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Exodus 24
Sermon Series: Freedom to Worship

Why do you think God created you? What purpose does he have for your existence? How does that compare to the various purposes our world promotes for our lives?
Most of us carry some ambivalent feelings about getting really close to God. What about that prospect thrills you? What about it makes you a bit nervous or even frightened?
In the Old Testament, God prescribed some clear limits regarding who could approach him and how close they could get. What do you think God was trying to teach us through this?
How has this changed since our Lord’s ultimate sacrifice was provided for us?
In this chapter, it took some climbing and waiting for God’s presence to be “seen” by the elders, priests, Joshua and Moses. What are you doing to “come up” to experience God’s presence in your life? When has your enjoyment of his presence been most real? What do you think made it so? Do you sense the Holy Spirit nudging you to “climb” in any specific ways in order to experience a greater sense of joy and intimacy in your relationship with him?