Grace Community Church

Beware the Pseudo-Spiritual!

Given on April 3, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 7:15-20

How does Jesus’ call to watch out for false prophets challenge our culture’s notion that all “truth” is relative and individual– especially religious “truth”?
Have you ever been duped by a spiritual charlatan who claimed that he/she was delivering God’s truth? What do you think motivates false prophets/teachers? Why do you think so many people get drawn into their orbit?
Many Christians tend to think of false teachers as only promoting lax attitudes towards Biblical ethics yet, the New Testament also views teaching promoting religious asceticism and abstinence from physical pleasures as equally false and damaging. (Col 2:16-23; I Tim 4:1-5)
How do both of these opposite errors appeal to our “flesh”? Which of these scratches your itchy ears more?
Where do you see false teaching impacting the church most in our culture? How should we deal with false prophets/teachers? How can we be discerning and watchful without becoming judgmental and self-righteous “heresy hunters” who enjoy finding faults and errors in almost every Christian leader?