Grace Community Church

Are You a Leader or a Follower?

Given on July 10, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 8:14-22

In this chapter, Matthew seems to go out of his way to show Jesus’ Kingdom reaching to those the religious establishment had written off -the unclean (the leper), the pagan (the Centurion), and a woman (Peter’s mother-in-law). Do you think there are any groups in our society that have been marginalized by the “religious” yet need Jesus compassionate touch and words of healing and hope? How can we bring Jesus’ touch to them?
Why do you think this scribe was so eager to promise his willingness to follow Jesus anywhere? Why wasn’t Jesus thrilled at this man’s profession of allegiance? For many in our culture, Jesus has become a means to an end (prosperity, political power etc) instead of the end itself. How can we tell if our allegiance to Jesus is based on the blessings we expect to receive or for who he is – regardless of what we may be experiencing in life at the moment?
Jesus’ response to the man who wants to bury his father before following him sounds brutal to us. Why do you think Jesus’ response was so intense? Many of us struggle to follow Jesus when it messes with our agenda and our timeline of how we think our life should go. Are you attempting to set the agenda and lead or are you willing to follow in your relationship with Jesus?