Grace Community Church

Trust Tested

Given on September 23, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 22
Sermon Series: Beginnings

If you are a follower of Jesus, in what ways has your trust in the Lord been tested on your journey of faith?
Why do you think God allows these disconcerting tests in our lives? What have these tests revealed about
your faith? What have you learned through them?
What do you think enabled Abraham to make the trek up Mt. Moriah? Do you think something more than
mere willpower was involved? If so, what was it? How do you respond when obeying one of God’s
commands appears very likely to negate the blessings he has promised you as his child?
How does this story foreshadow the incredible events that took place on Mt. Moriah almost 2000 years
later when our heavenly Father went through with the sacrifice of his only Son? What do the gut
wrenching emotions of these two stories tell us about the immensity of our heavenly Father’s love for us?
It is easy for us to slip into a place where we want the blessings of God more than the God of the blessings
– where good things become god-things to us. If you think this is happening in your relationship with
Jesus, ask him to help you see his enduring and astounding beauty and the very fleeting joys and beauties
of absolutely everything this world can provide.