Grace Community Church

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Given on September 24, 2017 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Acts 25:1-27

“Wait” is a four-letter word for most of us. Due to political maneuverings and administrative incompetence and corruption, Paul has been waiting in prison for two years at this juncture in Acts without being formally charged with a crime. What is it about waiting that causes many of us to struggle? How should we respond to those times when nothing seems to be happening?

Paul had been promised by the Lord that he would testify in Rome (Acts 23:11) but those encouraging words came two years earlier and nothing seemed to be moving him in that direction. What can we do to stay encouraged when God has yet to fulfill his great promises to us as his children? What can we do to ensure that our waiting time is not wasted time?

What biblical characters can you think of who had to endure long seasons of waiting for God to act? What were some of the lessons they learned through the waiting? What have you learned during times of waiting and how have those times impacted your relationship with God now?

“God does lead his people on roundabout ways. He does not move hastily. He is never in a hurry. It is one of his most irritating qualities!” – John Ortberg
See also Isaiah 55:8-9