Grace Community Church

The Significance of Solitude and Silence

Given on January 16, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Various including Mark 6:30-46; Psalm 131
Sermon Series: Complete in Christ

In our world of extreme busyness and endless distractions, what place do silence and solitude have in your life? What does it say about our souls that we seem to crave distraction and noise and often find silence and solitude extremely uncomfortable?
What do you think motivated Jesus to “often withdraw to lonely places”? (Luke 5:16) What obstacles and challenges come to mind when you think about regularly trying to withdraw to a “lonely place” in your life?
“The primary spiritual danger of our age is not hedonism or heresy but distraction!” How do you respond to this statement? What spiritual dangers does our digital world full of endless distractions pose for Christians today?
How do you react to the prospect of spending time in a “lonely place” in silence with the Lord? What about this spiritual practice is attractive to you? What about it is a bit uncomfortable?
What role have spaces of solitude and silence played in your walk with Jesus? How have they impacted your spiritual transformation?