Grace Community Church

The Judge Is Judged

Given on September 17, 2017 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Acts 24:1-27
Sermon Series: Acts - Jesus' Ongoing Work by His Spirit in His People

Paul is portrayed in the Scriptures as a man of action who is constantly on the move. What challenges and temptations do you think he faced as he waited for two years during his imprisonment in Caesarea? How do you respond when God does not work in your life according to your timetable? What can we do while we wait?

The resurrection occupies a prominent place in Paul’s numerous speeches in Acts (13:33; 17:2,18,31; 24:21). Why is the resurrection so central to the Christian faith? How would you attempt to support this central truth of Christianity to a skeptical friend who claims that a bunch of religious myths have figures rising from the dead?

Felix was obviously convicted by Paul’s message but his power enabled him to keep Paul at a comfortable distance (v. 25). Do you know anyone who has an “accurate knowledge” or who is “well acquainted” with Christianity but who has never truly repented and trusted in Jesus? How should we respond to those who show some interest in Jesus but who nevertheless want to keep him at a comfortable distance? See II Cor. 6:2; Isaiah 55:6 Are you attempting to keep Jesus at a comfortable distance in your own life? What are the dangers of waiting for a convenient time to repent and trust in Jesus Christ?