Grace Community Church

The Gospel in Genesis

Given on July 29, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 15
Sermon Series: Beginnings

What are some of the things that tend to cause doubts and fears to rise up within you? Why do you think Abram needed to be reminded not to fear at this point in his life? It has been said that when we fear God properly all other fears will fade. Do you agree?

What aspects of God’s character and his relationship with Abram did he point out in order to comfort his anxious child of faith? How have you experienced God’s protection in your life? In what sense is God himself our “exceedingly great reward”? When we think of rewards, do we tend to focus on material stuff or relationships? Which of those really make our lives “rich”? See John 17:3

Abraham was struggling to understand how God was going to fulfill his promise of giving the land to him. What did the Lord do to reassure Abraham? Normally when the ancients “cut a covenant” both parties or only the inferior party would walk between the slain animals thus indicating their acceptance of the agreement. How are the events here a beautiful picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Some critics of Christianity contend that the God of the Old Testament is “cruel and vengeful” and unworthy of worship. What does verse 16 tell us about the character of God in the Old Testament – especially as it pertains to his judging people and nations? Can God truly be loving and wink at sin? Why or why not?