Grace Community Church

The Danger of Doing God’s Work Our Way

Given on August 12, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 16
Sermon Series: Beginnings

It is one thing to grasp the truths of God’s Word and his promises to us intellectually but it is quite another to translate that intellectual knowledge into daily living. How do both Abram and Sarai seek to carry out God’s promises in their own way? What were the consequences of attempting to fulfill God’s promise by their own strength and ingenuity? How do Abram and Sarai respond to the consequences?
Are there any areas of your life where you are trying to “help” God fulfill his promises to you through self- effort? What usually happens when we attempt to do God’s will in our way as we depend on our own effort? Any experiences of this in your own life?
As Americans, we are very proud of our independent “can do” spirit. How do you see this attitude impacting the church today? Are there any areas in which we are seeking to do God’s will by our own strength and with our own “brilliant” methods?
“The Angel of the Lord” (actually the Lord himself) finds Hagar and ministers to her. What does this interaction show us about the gracious heart of God? Do you think you will see Hagar in heaven?